Thank you…

…to the following people for being my guinea pigs and allowing me to practice my massage skills on them – my dad, Vicki, James, Chris M, Chris H, Steph, Viv, Emma, Sarah, Jane, Karen, Laura, Russell, Shirley, Jodie, Maria, Julie, Carol, Lizzy, Adva, Steve, Karti and Clare.

…to Vicki Clubley for taking such fabulous photos of me at work. Visit her at

…to my clients who very kindly consented to be fabulous models for the photographs on the website – Emma Kearley, Hazel Ryan, James Clubley and Shirley Kennealy.

…to Darren and Duncan for helping build my website, hosting, ongoing technical assistance and being all around great friends and good eggs!

…to Judy for being my best friend, soul-sister, sounding board, shoulder-to-cry-on and and constant source of inspiration and support.

…to my college teachers Jan and Anne.

…to my mentors, teachers and friends: my Mum and Dad, my brother Mark, Judith S, Robyn H, Leah, Merry and everyone else that has helped me learn and grow.