About Bright Lady

My name is Helen Belfanti and I am the Bright Lady.

My interest in holistic therapies began more than 20 years ago, after my mother passed away. I started having full body massages to relieve stress and help me cope with my grief and it literally saved my sanity. The lady who was my massage therapist went on to become a friend and mentor in my quest for personal knowledge and growth. Through her and through other activities and groups I met many other like minded people as I discovered and explored the power of the mind-body connection.

Throughout my life I have used many different holistic therapies to treat different conditions. Sometimes I used just one and other times I used several at once to create a more powerful effect. The one constant has always been massage and for me this is the most beneficial of therapies.

As humans we need touch. Studies show that children do not grow (physically or emotionally) if they are not touched. As grown-ups many of us shy away from touching other people for a myriad of reasons. This leaves many people (especially single people and the elderly) in a vacuum. Massage is a wonderful and safe way of reconnecting with another person.

I am an experienced IT project management and trainer. Studying massage therapy was a long held wish and it has been marvellous to expand my knowledge in holistic therapies. My qualifications now include massage therapy, Indian head massage and Bowen Technique.

Yours in love and light.

Helen xx